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So, I'm more than a little ticked that I can no longer access my Facebook account. A lot of people are all about "We won't ever pay for FB!" and they have all these groups dedicated to it. I've never joined those, even though I've gotten tons of invitations. And THIS is why. You know, if you never pay for a service, you can't expect that they will pay actual people to help you troubleshoot. So....I may have to recreate an account in the next few weeks, which will piss me off, since I don't think I can duplicate all the people I've luckily managed to find. And P.S. let me know if someone has messaged you from my account in the last two days, since it wouldn't have been me. I don't know that it's been hacked but I have a sneaking suspicion.

I've been sleeping far too much since I graduated, which tells me I was probably a bit worn out from this last semester. But I really need to get things done...I am supposed to leave Friday to drive up to Virginia and meet kyrielslight so we can work at the Maryland Fairy Fest or whatever the dang thing is called (I can't ever get it straight). Which means I still have some costuming to make. I'm just chilling here for a little bit first.

I started on Small Favor and Batman has Turncoat, so I should have some Harry Dresden goodness for a little bit longer. That's one thing that is awesome...being able to read again.

The house continues to be a struggle. The septic tank failed inspection, mostly because there isn't one. This, despite the fact that four years ago, it apparently was inspected and was fine. It's like the Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Septic Tank. One of two things has, the cesspool we found instead is just an old system and the septic tank is somewhere we haven't found yet, or, more likely though I hate to say it, the inspector was bought and lied about the tank so the owner could get a VA loan. We have the original inspection paperwork now, detailing the size and everything of this mythical tank, just not where it is and now the inspection company is not returning calls and so on. The seller has hired a lawyer to look into it, but we are faced with the to put the tank in, and tack that onto the sale price? We really really want this house. It's literally our dream place. The tank would be somewhere between another 10 to 15K, which would put the price at about 210K, which we can still, I think we may do it. Our realtor is like, walk away, there are other houses, but frankly, we looked at thirty just while we were there, and this was the best one by far. Batman and I decided that if anything else came up, that would be walk away time, but we're going to go with this I think. Argh...

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Any chance of hooking up to town sewerage?

No, that was actually something we looked into automatically when deciding on houses. If the town puts sewer and water lines in at the street, they require you to hook up within a certain amount of time. This part of Norwich, on the Sprague city line, there's no plans on behalf of the city to extend the sewers up our street, although the sewers end only a street or so away. So they could, but it would be a few years down the line (and we need to close in June, haha).

However, just got some good news...the VA will accept a cesspool instead of a tank. So, looks like it might all be on again! ::sigh:: The darn stress...

The shit you have to go through when buying a house...:P

If you had one of those open 'anyone can view' accounts you can open up the new account, then access the old one to retrieve your friends. Or access one friend, who brings you to other friends, so on so on... blablibbity bla bla bla.

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