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I'm graduating today with my next degree, and loving the freedom that hopefully will last until I start the next degree program at UConn. I'm in that first day stage where I suddenly want to get so much done and yet I really just need some sleep. Two of my grades are posted, both A's (one in Biology, which I was most worried about at the start of the semester but didn't towards the end). I'm waiting a bit more breathlessly for MacroEcon and for my communications class. I know I passed both with no problems, but I'm wondering how on the fence I am between an A and a B. I should get an A in both from how I felt coming out of the finals, Everything is weighed differently.

Still getting these weird headaches, which makes me wonder if it's allergies or I have an ear infection.

I was in Atlanta for AnachroCon last weekend, and even I was surprised at how much fun I had. First off, attending anything with Justin (redforkempire) is pretty fun, just because he gets a lot of attention and it's amusing to watch. But we had discussed it beforehand and figured it might be a small con and we'd really just be going to hang out with our friends from Outland (Lindsey, Nicole, Danny, Laura and Ryan). That and promote the Red Fork Empire, of course. And the con started very slow, with perhaps a dozen or so people.

Yet it picked up very fast, and turned out pretty damn amazing! We both made a lot of new friends there (hey, we're friendly people!) and never had much of a dull moment. I'd only hung out with the Outland gang a tiny bit before, and this time I was able to actually talk to everyone and get to know them. I also met Justin's friends Austin and Megan, who were a trip, and then Nick, who is Lindsey's friend; Charles and the other Justin, Rando, Shane, etc, etc. Overall, a ridiculously fun con for being a small, one-day thing. We ended up staying out with everyone until about 3 a.m., before crashing in the hotel. The costumes were something else, too. I was pretty happy with mine, although I was missing something I wanted for my skirt, but no one seemed to notice. There were a few downsides, mostly from lack of space: it was pretty hot in some rooms, since we were all in major costumes, and there was not as much as I would like in the dealer's room (plus, severe lack of space to even look!). But dinner was great, and I was able to have it with some great friends. It ended up making me sad the next day, knowing it would be a while before I got to hang with everyone in person again.

Sunday Justin wasn't feeling well, so we hung out at the hotel until about 2, when he started to feel normal again. At that point, we headed up to the Georgia Ren Faire, to see who was out and about. I was so tired from the day previous that I had been itching to just wear street clothes, but Justin dressed up. I made it about a hundred yards from my car before the massive urge to put on costuming overcame me, so I went back and changed. I didn't have all my garb (a bunch, including my favorite hat, was packed accidentally by the movers) but I made do. Then I bought myself a new bodice because I had been looking for ages and never found anything I liked until then. Course, now I have to make a new skirt to match it. Figures.

We saw a few people from the day before, like Charles again, and we watched a few shows. I was there to shop; Justin was there to walk around and watch me shop, and we accomplished both things pretty well, I would say. After that, it was Cracker Barrel for dinner and then I had to drive back here to Brunswick, five long hours. I got back at 1 a.m. then got up at 6 a.m. to head to the 8 a.m. MacroEcon final....thus the worry about A or B. Nah, I did fine, I know it.

It's been two weeks since Chrissi died. Being so far away from the other military wives means I haven't really spoken with anyone about it, besides on Facebook or through emails. One memorial was in Hawaii, on our old base, and the other was in Chrissi's home in Everett, Washington. Both were too far for me to travel, and it weighed on me some. I know that the others were there as much as possible, but it still feels very surreal to me. I tend to think about her a lot over the course of the day, but I don't mention it to people around me because I'd rather not retell it over and over to people who didn't know her. Not that I...don't want to share, I guess? It's confusing. Chrissi was such a sweetheart, and of course I like to tell people that, but when you tell someone your good friend died, they get to only hear the bad, not the good. It also makes you think about yourself. She was two years younger than me, and like me, had two kids. (I wrote 'has' first and had to delete it. I hate that. She still has them, they're hers, you know?) I worry about the kids too. I can't help it. Anyway, I miss her. I wish she hadn't died.

I have to go. I thought I was done crying for now, but I guess not. I just miss her.

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First, condolences on the loss of your friend. Never easy, and at that age, bewildering.

Second, congratulations on graduating.

The headaches--well, they will probably stop when you cease telepathizing my gluteal infrastructure.

Thank you. It was very sudden.

I am a grad! I love it.

But I will never, ever stop the telepathy practiced upon your infrastructure. How else are we to remain in contact?

BTW I met a harpist at AnachroCon this last weekend who said she knew you, but her name completely escaped me...

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Hugs and love, gal.

I should be up to ATL some time in the next few weeks, month or so. I've kinda hooked up with somebody up there, and I'm not sure if he'll come down to visit first or I up there; irregardless, it's suspiciously likely I shall be wandering about your way at some status.

I'm making plans to be up there Memorial Day weekend. Is it doable? I'm going to the GA Ren Faire. I would LOVE if you and your paramour would come (and I love that you have a new paramour!!).

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